We use a variety of underpinning techniques for subsidence and ground level reduction. Our expertise and engineering capabilities enable us to offer you the most economic and appropriate underpinning solution for your underpinning project whether it large or small.

We mainly use traditional methods of underpinning to stabilise existing foundations by digging down under the present foundation to a predetermined depth below the existing foundation. This is then inspected by local building control and each excavated pit is then back-filled with concrete. This method is then repeated until all of the affected area has been underpinned. This traditional mass pour method is a low cost solution with minimal disruption suitable for heavy loads.

We can also offer the following underpinning techniques;

  • Underpinning with Screw Piles and Brackets
  • Pile and Beam Underpinning
  • Cantilever Pile and Beam Underpinning
  • Piled Raft Underpinning

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